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The Twisted Minds

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The Twisted Minds - Neo Dogmas The Twisted Minds
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Side Issue

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Side Issue Since 3 years, Side Issue has evolved to a punk pop style. The 4 members of this band, born from their old formations (Against You and Teen Days Running bands wich sounded more punk rock), managed through their experiments to arise the best of them in Side Issue. The good cohesion and the success of this band are not a chance. Indeed, even if a family tie linked particularly two members (Greg basss/lead vocals and Anthony drummers are cousins) a fusional agreement emerges from their music and their friendship (Aymeric Guitar/backing vocals and Dave Guitar/backing vocals are friends of long date too).

Three structures joined to take part in the development of the band : First of all their label, Youth Way Records which after only two months of existance, appreciating their music and their motivation, knew to trust them and made it possible by signing a contract. This first help allowed SIDE ISSUE to appear on the first compilation of this label "Makes real punk rock Vol.1". So Rock sound magazine noticed Side Issue and published them an interview and a track "Life is short" on the sampler of their special issue "Punk Rawk" in December 2002. The label is also the booker of the band, which led them to tour in Europe with the Canadian band Dead letter dept on September 2002. Then, NSR production located at Lagarde Adhémar in France, signed a three years co production contract for Side Issue with the label Youth Way Records in 2003. NSR is also a recording studio which already recorded bands like: Dionysos, uncommonmenfrommars, minimum serious... The third is SOCADISC, by proposing a national distribution in specialized stores like FNAC and VIRGIN. It is thanks to these three supports that in August 2003, Side Issue took the direction of NSR studios to record their first album seventeen, prepared during nearly one year.

This album is the 2 years result of work as well as many kilometers driven by Dave and Anthony which both live more than 100 km (Ambérieu in Bugey) far from Annecy, place where the band is practicing (what is not the case for Aymeric and Greg who live in Annecy). The members of the band have put the best of them in this album. The album has been released in November 2003 and many promotional shows have been set up. Now, listen to the album, see them on stage and make your own idea...

Side Issue will release their next LP on Emodays Prod. We wish them the best and we hope they'll meet the success they deerve.

Site officiel : www.sideissue.net


Side Issue - Seventeen

Seventeen (2003)
1. That's The Main Thing
2. Life Is Short
3. All together
4. I Want (mp3)
5. Pop Star
6. Blame
7. Seventeen
8. Death's Waiting Room
9. Conformité Humaine
10. Little Wife
11. Grieving
12. Airplane (mp3)
13. Holidays
14. I'm just A Man
2003 - Youth Way Records - YWR.005

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Holidays Break

posted by Alex, 21 december 2009

Caution: We'll be on holidays from December 21st to January 10th 2010. We won't be able to send orders during this period. Thank you for your patience.

Happy New Year!!!

posted by Alex, 31 december 2005

We wish you all the best fot this brand new year 2006!!!

Compilation in Brazil

posted by Alex, 31 may 2005

Mister McFart, Side Issue and Easyway are on the new compilation of the Brazilian's label Enemy One Records 'Black Mirror'. This comp' will be available in our merch section soon.

SIDE ISSUE - New Website \m/

posted by Alex, 22 april 2005

The new Side Issue website has just been updated !!! Check this awesome website now !! You won't have yet any reason to ignore the Side Issue news !


posted by Alex, 28 february 2005

The new SIDE ISSUE website is now available on www.sideissue.net. Check the Youth Way Records Side Issue's page or the Pure Volume's page for the missing stuffs.


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