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Street Bulldogs

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Street Bulldogs In the late 90s, a lot of people wondered which band was playing that song on a MTV Brazil sketch on TV, featuring a bunch of kids skateboarding on the streets. That song with a huge influence of bands like Descendents and Dag Nasty, although only a few seconds long could show a band with a great potential. The answer was Street Bulldogs.

With lots of unbelievable live performances and professional organization, the band started to catch the attention of a larger audience. Soon they were playing in all the major capitals in Brazil and, finally in 1998 they released their first records thru Thirteen Records. The first record 10 New Songs had the MTV sketch song included in the track list and it probably helped the band to achieve higher plans like a Tour including Brazil and Argentina supporting Agnostic Front (U.S.A.).

The second album Question Your Truth only would arrive 3 years later, in 2001, and came out by Highlight Sounds. Including appearances of Rodrigo Koala from Hateen and Nekro from Fun People. The record quickly put Street Bulldogs up to a national level of popularity.

One year later, in 2002, the band releases their first live album, trying to catch up the spirit and energy of their concerts. The album was called Faster, Louder and Alive in which was a name that would explain the well earned reputation of one of the loudest and fast bands in Brazil. The record was recorded in e shot takeive at the Hangar 110 in So Paulo, Brazil, on a concert that will remain unforgettable for many fans of the band. The track list was based on all the Street Bulldogs hits along their career and yet two previously unreleased tracks that were ready to complete the next studio album, Unlucky Days which came out in 2003.

Before Unlucky Days come out, the band had a change in the line up experience a more mature and powerful sound. Having the great honor of supporting bands like Agnostic Front, Avail, Ignite, Shelter and many others more, the band continues working hard and receiving a lot of complements wherever they go. After its release on May of 2003 the band toured for about 40 different cities in Brazil.

In 2004, Street Bulldogs got back together in the studio to record their latest album Tornado Reaction (Thirteen Records), considered by many, as the best Street Bulldogs records ever.

The band did a ten months tour for Tornado Reaction that includes all the major cities in Brazil. In 2005, the band was behind of one of the break through initiatives for local hardcore scene: the VANS Zona Punk Tour.

It seems that Street Bulldogs will continue to take their music and work always to a higher level of commitment, joining elements of heavy, fast and aggressive music, but without forgetting the feelings and the sincerity, their trademark as a band.

Line Up

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Leo : Lead Vocals
Guilherme : Drums
Koala : Guitar
Sonrisal : Guitar
Japanese : Bass





Street Bulldogs - Tornado Reaction

Tornado Reaction
1. Play this Song again
2. Rainy Day (mp3)
3. Reaction
4. Way of lies
5. Friendship is not for sale
6. Tornado
7. Dressed in Black
8. Take me out
9. Memories
10. Don´t ask me
11. No More Reasons
12. Don´t Stay by my side
13. Nightmare
14. Learning to live
2004 - 13Records

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Holidays Break

posted by Alex, 21 december 2009

Caution: We'll be on holidays from December 21st to January 10th 2010. We won't be able to send orders during this period. Thank you for your patience.

Street Bulldogs on tour!

posted by Alex, 8 march 2006

The Street Bulldogs will be on the road from March 15th to April 4th for their first European tour. They'll hit Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. Check their tourdates, don't miss the opportunity to see these mega stars from South America.


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