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The Twisted Minds - Neo Dogmas The Twisted Minds
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G.A.S. Drummers

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G.A.S. Drummers G.A.S. Drummers have been and still are the best national example of punk rock understood as a cultural manifestation and not only as an ongoing party.

They started back in 98, with a debut album in 2000 ("Proud to be nothing", Slide Chorus rcs. and New Horizon rcs. in Canada) that got excellent reviews and led them to tour twice in Spain and also twice all over Europe.

After playing in the Deconstruction Tour, they entered the studio to record "The true charm of the bourgoisie", edited by Wild Punk rcs. That was a complete rageful punk rock record, melodic and elaborated. That record led them to tour Canada and twice again in Europe during 2002. Now with "Dialectics" (BC.109), the band has reached their essence as never before; the combination of musical agressivity and profound contents, with a musical spectrum that has grown quickly since the innocent melodic punk rock that the band played at the beginning to the most elaborated post punk full of energy expressed in complex rythmns and concrete melodies.

Close to bands like Shades Apart or Farside sometimes, close to Hot Water Music and As Friends Rust other times, the legacy of Descendents, Hüsker Dü, Samiam or Moving Targets remains intact while their musical maturity makes them an important reference in the punk scene.

Line Up

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Lead Vocals / Guitar : Daniel
Guitar / Backing Vocals : Pablo
Bass / Backing Vocals : Pakomoto
Drums : Rafa



G.A.S. Drummers - Dialectics

1. Grey words
2. Miamised (mp3)
3. Keep it like this
4. King of the fool
5. Classwar in blue
6. One million patterns
7. Recreation of myths
8. The call
9. No frills song pt.3
10. Re-discovering life
11. Big world, small screen
12. Dear reader
13. Something personal
2005 - Youth Way Records - YWR.008

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Holidays Break

posted by Alex, 21 december 2009

Caution: We'll be on holidays from December 21st to January 10th 2010. We won't be able to send orders during this period. Thank you for your patience.

G.A.S. Drummers on tour

posted by Alex, 9 february 2006

The Spanish band G.A.S. Drummers will be on European tour soon. Check the tourdates in the Tours section.

An amazing videoclip is available on their website. The song Back To Decadence is taken from their upcoming LP Standards Down.

Happy New Year!!!

posted by Alex, 31 december 2005

We wish you all the best fot this brand new year 2006!!!

G.A.S. Drumemers - New album available !

posted by Alex, 4 march 2005

The new LP of G.A.S. Drummers is now available on Youth Way Records.

Send a 11 Euros check to Youth Way Records - 281 Voie Romaine - 74370 Nâves Parmelan - FRANCE to order it.

G.A.S. Drummers on Tour

posted by Alex, 27 february 2005

G.A.S. Drummers is on tour until Friday... Their new CD 'Dialectics' will be available soon in store and online on www.youthwayrecords.com.


G.A.S. DrummersG.A.S. Drummers
G.A.S. Drummers
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