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Antillectual is a punkrock trio from the Nijmegen area in the Netherlands. The music is melodic yet aggressive, the lyrics range from political to personal. The band released the album “Silencing Civilization” in 2005 and will release a second album “Testimony” early 2008. Antillectual toured the U.S.A. and entire Europe numerous times.

Antillectual forms in September 2000. Before the band records their debut full length ‘Silencing Civilization’ (released by Angry Youth Records) it has released several demo’s. The debut album gets a lot of critical acclaim. This gives the band the opportunity to tour monthly in 2006. 2007 brings them even more tours and finally: new recordings.

People call Antillectual’s music aggressive yet melodic punkrock with critical and original lyrics. The music is raw and diverse, the band’s lyrics discuss both political and personal developments. Antillectual’s influences vary from punk to metal to hardcore to emo. And beyond.

Last 3 years Antillectual played over 200 shows. Among those two 3-week U.S.A.-tours, four 2-week Euro-tours. They played with Ignite, Strung Out, Strike Anywhere, Against Me!, A Wilhelm Scream, The Unseen and The Lawrence Arms. Besides touring the U.S.A. Antillectual toured the U.K., Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. Antillectual plays energetic live shows that inspire a lot of people.

‘Silencing Civilization’ features from metal-inspired up-tempo punk to emo-based sensitive mid-tempo rock songs, accompanied by lyrics on politics, protest and personal feelings. Guest vocals by Wick Bambix. Menno Bakker from Bunt’s Studio (NRA, Seein’ Red, Undeclinable Ambuscade) recorded and mixed and Alan Douches from West West Side Music Studio in New Jersey, USA (Sick Of It All, Sepultura, Thrice) mastered this record. In August 2007 the band recorded 10 new songs for the album “Testimony” to be released in 2008. Currently the band is looking for ways to release this album.


Antillectual - Testimony

1. Testimony
2. Sponsorship for life
3. Waves
4. Friendly fire
5. I hate myself when i shave myself
6. The dog ate it!
7. Benefit of the doubt
8. On its own
9. Waste = food
10. I hope you got my letter
Release on March 2008 - Youth Way Records - YWR.012

Antillectual - Silencing Civilization

Silencing Civilization
1. No human is illegal
2. Raisedfistfuckyou
3. Another guide (to comprehensive capitalism)
4. Because we can (and we should)
5. Bad company (no globalization without representation)
6. Yes, i truly am naïve
7. Hero
8. Originator
9. Sound silence
10. No government needed
2003 -

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Holidays Break

posted by Alex, 21 december 2009

Caution: We'll be on holidays from December 21st to January 10th 2010. We won't be able to send orders during this period. Thank you for your patience.

Antillectual on tour!

posted by Alex, 14 november 2008

The Dutch guys of Antillectual will tour France on early 2009! All the shows will be updated in the Tours section soon.


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